4 Essential Tools for Your Phone Repair

When it comes to mobile phone repair, we can not wish away the use of appropriate tools. Your repair task will be much easier if your shop is well-equipped with the most essential if not all types of tools. However, having the required tools is not enough; proper use of the tools will help to prevent accidents and phone damage.

Below are examples of essential tools you wouldn’t want to miss in your phone repair shop;

  1. Magnetic Mat

Phone Repair-mag-matWhile repairing a phone, screws can likely roll over the workspace and get misplaced. A magnet mat is the best solution to keeping screws together, therefore, saving you time and risk of loss.Phone Repair-Heat Gun

  1. Heat Gun

A heat gun is usually used to detach the display from the rest of the phone safely. To lift the screen, you need to heat the attaching adhesive, and a heat gun or blow drier will do that work correctly.

  1. Suction Cup Pliers

This tool is used to pry open phones like iPhones safely.  The tool makes it easy to separate the screen by attaching the suction cups on the phone, both on the front and back and then applying a little squeeze on the pliers.

  1. Desk Lamp

Phone Repair-Desk LampWhether you are working during the day or night, sufficient lighting is vital. Make sure you have a desk lamp in your workstation to supply extra light.Phone Repair-Magnifying glass

  1. Magnifying glass

A magnifying glass is also an essential tool and is used to enhance the size of tiny parts of a phone which are difficult to see with naked eyes.

Investing in appropriate tools for your phone repair jobs will not only improve your performance but also show professionalism, and attract more customers. If you are in Rancho Cordova, visit First Response Phone Repair shops and get a first-hand experience with quality phone repair tools.